April 23, 2024

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Trump lashes out at James Mattis, John Kelly

Trump lashes out at James Mattis, John Kelly

President Trump denounced former Defense Secretary James Mattis on Twitter for the second time Thursday – and blasted his former chief of staff, John Kelly, for coming to Mattis’ defense.

In a series of tweets, Trump forcibly claimed that Mathews was sacked from his post in 2019 despite Kelly’s insistence.

“John Kelly didn’t know I was going to fire James Mattis. He had no knowledge of the letter of resignation,” Trump wrote.

“Why would I tell him, he was not in my inner circle, he was completely exhausted from work and eventually slipped into obscurity. They all want to come to light!”

In a second tweet, Trump said Mattis was “not good” for his administration, and that President Obama had fired Mattis during his presidency.

“The problem with asking someone to give you a resignation, the respect you do for helping them save face, it’s hard to say that you’ve eliminated them,” Trump wrote.

“I shot James Mattis. He’s not good for Obama. He’s fired. I’m not good at it!” He added.

On Wednesday, Trump wrote in a series of tweets that he had “respect” for the firing of Mattis after the General President erupted in an earlier edition of the Atlantic.

Thursday, Kelly He told the Washington Post: “The president did not shoot him. He did not ask for his resignation. “

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