June 16, 2024

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Primer | Moving July 1: A new, gentler approach from employers?

Primer |  Moving July 1: A new, gentler approach from employers?

Perhaps proof of its sincerity, CORPIQ is also welcoming A three-year moratorium on layoffs Bill 65 passed Thursday.

CORPIQ also recently appointed a new General Director and a month ago appointed a new Manager of Public and Government Affairs. Both are concerned about the challenges of the crisis and changing the bad media image of employers.

The new kit includes a practical guide to facilitate processes with tenants, where CORPIQ includes new models of letters and forms. For example, one instructs landlords on the proper way to remind tenants that the lease is not being renewed.

The company also offers a free information session dedicated entirely to moving. It usually provides access to the Municipal Housing Offices (OMHM) vacant house listings published on the Kangaloo platform. This initiative aims to facilitate the work of OMHMs whose aim is to find apartments for those who have difficulty finding them.

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Moving on D-Day

For the first time, CORPIQ will open its doors on July 1 when it is normally closed for the Canada Day holiday.

“Every year, Quebec homeowners support thousands of households in their change of residence at 1er July,” stated Eric Sansouci, president of CORPIQ.

“With exceptionally low vacancy rates, CORPIQ is redoubling its efforts to ensure a smooth transition for everyone.”

– Eric Sansouci, President of CORPIQ

A telephone line will be available for problems on the day.

Tenants' rights groups responded

But these new CORPIQ measures do not fully convince the unions to protect the rights of tenants. Cédric Dassault from the Regroupment des Logement Committees of Quebec (RCLALQ) and tenants' associations warned them. According to him, documents or forms submitted by employers “should be taken with a grain of salt”.

Mr. Dassault also refers tenants to a new website, Locataire.info, where various tools, spreadsheets and sample letters or official notices are published to “protect” themselves from false evictions of housing, for example. While RCLALQ recognized CORPIQ's desire to change its tone, the organization found that many employers had discriminatory attitudes in view of July 1.

And for Véronique Laflamme from FRAPRU, it's also the government's responsibility to better inform tenants.

“We hope the Government will take advantage of this morning's passage of Bill 65 by placing a moratorium on evictions for subdivisions, extensions and change of use,” Ms. Laflamme said.

“Then we improve access to justice in all areas by improving services [TAL]. But all of this unfortunately does not provide housing for tenants who will be evicted on July 1 or those trying to escape unsanitary housing.

CORPIQ says it represents 30,000 owners and managers who provide rental homes and condos to more than 600,000 rental households. According to its internal data, Quebec owners own 1.5 million tenant homes and in seven out of ten cases own a duplex or triplex.

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