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Quebec Summer Festival: Passes stolen before delivery

Quebec Summer Festival: Passes stolen before delivery

About ten customers who managed to get passes for the Quebec Summer Festival were surprised to receive empty envelopes delivered by Canada Post this week.

Mass mailings of FEQ passes have begun these days, and some festival-goers have noticed their passes have been stolen before they arrive in their post office box.

This is the case of Deschambault citizen René Hamel, who purchased a “Signature” pass for $640. This week, a Canada Post mail carrier delivered him a package that was supposed to contain his purchase.

His box was in a small plastic bag from Canada Post, apologizing for the damaged package.

“I open it, the box is empty,” Mr. Hamel said, adding that the tab on the box had been removed.

As Mr. Hamel collects his package containing his “signature” pass, in the photo, the box with the tab removed is in the plastic bag on the left.

Photo provided by René Hamel

At his local post office, they explain to him that Canada Post is responsible for delivering packages no matter what the situation.

“The lady told me the package was already opened when they received it,” he continues. It was held between the Canada Post sorting center and the post office.

Mr. Hamel contacted the FEQ, which confirmed the stolen pass would be canceled and he could pick up a new one at the ticket office.

“They said there were too many [dans ma situation] And they don't have time to redo them all and send them back, adds Mr. Hamel.

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Another case at Stoneham

The same thing happened to Martin Trudel of Stoneham, who bought two “Signature” passes for $1,300.

“I received a notice from Canada Post to pick up my package at the post office. I got home, I started opening it… I saw a QR code, but it was only to register our passes,” he explained.

But no passes. And his box was also wrapped in a Canada Post plastic bag, even apologizing for the damaged package.

Fortunately, both men were able to retrieve new passes. But they are concerned they will be resold and festival-goers will end up with invalid passes.

“It will be necessary [le FEQ] It starts with having a digital system [plus fiable]», estimates Mr. Trudel.

“The worst part of all this is the world to be redeemed [ces passes]. They will be blocked,” laments Mr. Hamel.

Called to respond, FEQ said the organization had “reported ten cases of undelivered stolen passes”. However, the transport was not completed.

“For people who have received an incomplete or open package, we invite them to contact our ticket office. Passes reported stolen will be deactivated and new passes will be issued to the purchaser. We take this opportunity to reiterate the importance of not purchasing passes from resellers,” said Samantha McKinley, vice president of brand strategies and public affairs at FEQ.

Canada Post, for its part, said it had not received any reports of the situation. However, more in-depth checks are needed.

2024 FEQ

  • 145,000 general admission passes
  • 3000 “Gold” front-stage passes
  • 2000 “Silver” Front-Stage Passes
  • 2000 “signature” pass
  • 350 “Air Canada Garden” pass
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Some highlights from July 4th to 14th

  • 50 percent
  • Alexandra Strelisky
  • A multiracial crowd
  • Nickelback
  • Post Malone
  • The Jack Brown Band
  • J Balvin

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