May 23, 2024

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Privatizing Hydro-Québec (or how to “Fitzgibbon” the economy)

Privatizing Hydro-Québec (or how to "Fitzgibbon" the economy)

The Legault government and its Super Minister of Economy and Energy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, have told us that with their big projects, they will decarbonise the economy.

Fitzgibbon says Hydro-Québec has a mandate to provide electricity to all industrial customers, but he invites all companies to come and set up, offering reduced electricity rates without considering the impact on the environment and biodiversity. And on global warming.

A single Northvolt project requires 352 megawatts (MW) of electricity. 352 MW is enough to power all the residences in Longueuil (253,600 inhabitants in the urban area)!

of construction

To support his projects, he announced that at a time when we are in the midst of a housing crisis and a brutal shortage of it, 20% of the construction workforce will have to be devoted to building the necessary electricity infrastructure.

This super-minister encourages municipalities to partner with the private sector to bid on wind farms, which will increase electricity costs, reduce Hydro-Québec revenues and participate in the restructuring of our public service and our public services.

This super-minister and his colleagues are telling First Nations that they are interested in joining forces to develop new dams that will flood and destroy their lands and their culture, creating divisions in communities.

Although Warns about the danger of extinction of animal and plant speciesAnd in the face of a serious global biodiversity crisis, this super minister continues to abuse biodiversity-rich lands, often owned by First Nations.

These lands are not the Gardens of Eden or some corner of the river saying “Fish have 3 eyes!” He told us. “… for the “fish with three eyes”, we know it is possible, because we have ministers without heads!

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Private interests

Under the guise of decarbonizing the economy, this government promotes the dispossession and degradation of the common good of Quebecers and First Nations for private gain.

What this government is doing is not decarbonising the economy Fitzgibbon Economic system.

They privatize electricity, the environment, health, they deregulate, they subcontract, they collude in unannounced lobbying meetings to amend laws designed for their hidden projects to the detriment of our interests, our health and our environment.

They prefer small biscuits to caviar in their pheasant hunting camps, but the population struggles to find housing, feed themselves, pay for their medicine.

That's enough! It's time to deal with these villains! Let us monopolize our common property, steal our rights and destroy our environment.

Let's not let this happen. This is our common good!

Hydraulic energy is ours! Wind power is ours! Solar energy is ours!

And their privatization?

It's not for us, we're not crazy!

Jacques Benoit, Member of Gmob (GroupMobilization)

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