June 16, 2024

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QS complains to DGEQ about Duhaim

QS complains to DGEQ about Duhaim

Quebec Solidair complained to the Chief Electoral Officer that a hydrocarbon company had transferred a poll to Eric Duheim’s Conservative Party several days before it was made public.

On March 21, the results of a poll conducted by Mainstreet Research on voting intentions in Quebec were released by gas company Resources Utica.

The company paid for the survey.

The complaint to DGEQ, signed by Quebec Solidarity coordinator Nadine Boudouin, indicates that the Conservatives received the survey before it aired.

QS believes it is illegal funding from a company. This is a law prohibited by two articles of the Quebec Elections Act, which states that only one electorate can make a donation and that money or services must be provided to an authorized body.

Listen to Jean-Franకోois Lizzie and Thomas Mulcair on the Richard Martino show on QUB Radio:

“When the press release was published at 11:00 am, Conservative Party of Quebec leader Eric Duheim posted a photo of the poll results on his Facebook page at 7:19 am. However, at this time, neither Utica Resources nor Mainstreet Research disclosed this information,” The letter received by the office stated.

On Radio X’s broadcast, Dominic Mries’s show, the Conservative party leader replied, “I was very happy when the host asked him what his reaction was when he found out about the survey several days ago.”

Also, on March 20, a member of the Conservative Party of Quebec’s political commission posted a message on Twitter in which he suggested that the political week would be more entertaining, adding the hashtag “survey” at the end. .

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Like the Conservative Party in Quebec, Utica Resources is opposed to Bill 21, which seeks to thwart the exploitation and exploration of hydrocarbons in Quebec.

Listen to Gilles Prolix’s column at Richard Martino Microphone on QUB Radio:

Solidarity MP Vincent Marissall believes the chances of DGEQ accepting the complaint are very strong.

“Duhaim, apparently, was in a hurry to go on the radio with it and broadcast the results for purely partisan purposes,” the elected official requested. “It’s cheating, but it’s also illegal.”

He reminded that companies can not give more than 40 years to political parties. “In the form of money or not in one form, that is, good or service. During the campaign, if a company offers you a table related to your election premises, you must declare it as a donation for the table rental value, ”Mr. Marissall explained.

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