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Quebec City: The old Colosseum may not have been demolished

Quebec City: The old Colosseum may not have been demolished

After repeatedly confirming that the Quebec Coliseum will be demolished, it suggests that the city of Quebec may now save the old building and have some sports with increasing popularity.

Mayor LaBeoum suggested Monday afternoon, before the city council.

“There are sports and leisure needs that have become less popular and increasing in recent years […] Instead of building new infrastructure for many sports, can we use the Colosseum? Do we need to store it everywhere? “Undermine the mayor. However, he did not want to say what sports he was referring to.

One thing is for sure, “If we invest in these sports it will not last for five years. If we make a decision, it will be long-term, ”Mr. Labim assured.

Without completely excluding the option of spending $ 8 million to demolish the collegium, the mayor of Quebec City explained that an internal committee working to oversee the “conversion” of the building, which began in 1949, was studying several scenarios. “We still have a few cases to find out for sure about our shot,” he said.

Location au FEQ

At the end of 2020, Quebec City announced She rents part of the Colosseum The festival allows equipment to be stored at the D’Te de Quebec (FEQ).

In an executive summary made public on Monday, we learned that this lease is for a period of 30 months. It starts on the 1stIs April 2021 and it ends on September 30, 2023. “The lease offers a one-year renewal option at the discretion of the city,” it adds.

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Therefore, the mayor confirmed that the building would not be demolished before the end of the lease.

Per month, 13,550 rent

In total, FEQ leases an area of ​​2,205 meters2 Inside the amphitheater and 560 m2 Exposite P3 in the parking lot.

The monthly rent paid by the FEQ to the municipality is $ 13,550 (plus taxes), which corresponds to a total annual rent of $ 162,600. This allows the city to cover a fixed annual expenses of 120,000. Coliseum for Pepsi’s “hibernation”, Said Regis Labyum.

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