May 19, 2024

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Report on Julie Payet: Senator Claude Carrignon complains

Report on Julie Payet: Senator Claude Carrignon complains

Conservative Senator Claude Carrignon on Monday announced a complaint regarding an investigation report on labor relations in the office of former Governor General Julie Payet, which was published only in English in January.

On January 12, a 132-page report was prepared at the request of the Quintet Consulting Corporation Privy Council Office, which reported it to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

However, Senator Carrignon said he was “concerned” that the report, which was only available in English, was in violation of the Official Languages ​​Act and that the law was being violated “even in the Liberal government hierarchy.”

“This is the third time since 2015 that I have complained to the Language Commissioner

Authorities for violating the Official Languages ​​Act. This government has stated that it is concerned about the dignity of official languages, but clearly, its actions do not show real sincerity in this matter, ”Carrignon said in a statement.

“Apparently, with this government, the French parliament has unfortunately collapsed on the hill,” he added.

The eagerly awaited report identifies a “toxic” working environment in the Governor-General’s office, thereby confirming the CBC report that, in the summer, lifted the rift. Julie Payet. The latter had to resign in the wake of this revelation.

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