May 23, 2024

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Rock’s mother surprised him while chatting with Jimmy Fallon

Rock's mother surprised him while chatting with Jimmy Fallon

The Rock is currently promoting a new series about his life, Young Rock, which airs on NBC Television on February 16.

The fantasy inspired by the life of the former WWE Champion has been the subject of much debate, especially since The Rock will preside over the series.

Fiction or prediction? The main interested party was still escaping.

But we want to imagine that yes, Rock as president, It kicks ass.

The Rock Visit Jimmy Fallon

Promotional tours in the United States must go through Jimmy Fallon’s set and even from a distance everyone will give themselves to the famous host’s game.

Rock, on the other hand, received a slightly surprising visit in his interview: his mother Ata came to say hello to Jimmy Fallon.

And on this occasion she had her ukele.

If you do not know, The Rock shares Samoa heritage, because she is the “High Chief” Peter Myva, a wrestling legend. Rock’s father, Rocky Johnson, is also a WWF star, but he is not of Samoan descent.

Mom Rock, therefore, came to sing some songs with her instrument and her smile completely captivated us. And, the small awkward form she gives to her son, even the big stars do not control their parents’ actions and feel a little embarrassed.

However it was a very beautiful moment.

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