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School support staff sign the strike order

School support staff sign the strike order

School support workers affiliated with the Professional and Office Employees Union (SEPB-Québec-FTQ) sent a clear signal to the regional government on Saturday evening by voting in favor of the strike order.

Lee CarrierLee Carrier

The decision was made after four general meetings. Members representing the majority of secretaries as commentators and faculty in Daycare accounted for an average of 91% of those who voted for the strike order.

According to Mary-Claude Ethiore, president of the National Council for School Support (CNSS) in SEPB-Quebec, in the midst of negotiations for the renewal of the collective agreement, Quebec’s lack of recognition and listening is one of the sources of frustration. “We do not recognize what our people have done. It is very important, but the government does not listen to them in the negotiating table,” she said.

It also increases the volatility of jobs in the sector, where 66% of jobs are temporary or part-time. According to OmTo me Ethereum, the staff is put in a very vulnerable position, many of whom do not even reach the minimum annual wage.

“We talk to students about sustainability, which is important to them. And on the contrary, we maintain support positions in dangerous situations. This is nonsense,” he said.To me And yesterday.

However, there is no shortage of work. Already, before the epidemic, the sector was understaffed. The CNSS president said the problem of work overload only intensified last year.

In a press release, Pierrick Choinier-Lapoint, executive director of SEPB-Quebec, expressed his support for the vote: “The result is unquestionable. On the floor you can hear growing anger and frustration over long-standing negotiations. This government disrespects its school support staff, they have kept the education system long and have been at the forefront since the beginning of the epidemic. Our members were adequate and they decided to stand up for a contemptuous and undesirable government. ”

The collective agreement expires on March 31, 2020. A date for the five-day strike has not yet been announced. According to a press release, it is used “when deemed appropriate”.

Sir Wilfried-Laurier (Laurentides) representing the English-speaking service centers, New Frontiers (Monterogy) and Riverside (Monterogy) as well as SEPB-576 and SEPB-577 voted 88.5% and 94%, respectively, in favor of SEPB-578 and SEPB-579. The existing Francophone service centers Mary-Victorin (Monterogy) and Margorite-Bourgeois (Montreal) ordered their executives to strike at 90% and 90%, respectively.

The SEPB represents 7,000 support staff on five school boards.

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