April 18, 2024

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Sen Chas blamed the ‘thugs in China’ for the Corona virus in the graduation speech

Sen Chas blamed the 'thugs in China' for the Corona virus in the graduation speech

GOP Senator Ben Sass raises criticism for his comments from a high school board member Start address week end.

The senator delivered an online speech to students at his former high school, Fremont High School in Nebraska, where he blamed China for the outbreak of coronavirus, ridiculing students’ fitness and sharing his frustration with psychologists.

Wearing a loose red tie and a white shirt, Shawn Sass said of the students at their future reunions: “When China began a major global epidemic, it created a serious public health crisis for over a century and brought the economy to its knees. Don’t be Unstarred, everyone had hoarded toilet paper. “

Sass continued, “Nobody knows exactly how we’re going to win this, but you know what, we’re Americans, we’re Nebraskans, we’re depressed. We’re going to win this thing.”

“There will be a serious reckoning with the thugs in China,” the senator said, adding that this confusion was out of control by lying about it.

With no explanation, he told the students, “Everyone named Jeremy is bad.”

He cited the Netflix “Tiger King” documentary, Murder Horns, and commented on the student’s physique, “When we were a lot fitter than you, we had to climb the ropes. Jim’s ceiling was always there.” “

The senator also targeted psychologists, saying, “95 percent of lucrative psychologists work … their job is to help people forget high school.” If you go to college, don’t – don’t – major in psychology. That part is no joke. “

Fremont School Board member Michael Peterson called on Sasse to apologize FacebookYou deserve more than the graduation remarks of Senator Ben Sass. The racism that our graduates refer to as fat and lazy, degrading teachers and attacking the mental health profession is disgusting. “

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SaaS spokeswoman James Wegman said Omaha World-Herald The senator joked during the graduation speech on Sunday, and added, “It is ludicrous to complain about some politically addicted people calling Ben China a joke.”

Weckman then continued, “He said this for months, because it was true: the Chinese Communist Party’s Corona virus wasted no time in spreading the veil – those lies cost innocent lives in China and around the world. Acting graduates are too weak to hear the truth. “

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