April 18, 2024

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Sunni President Johnson is slated to resign amid an epidemic and budget woes

Sunni President Johnson is slated to resign amid an epidemic and budget woes

New York State University Chancellor Christina Johnson will step down after three years at Ohio State University, according to sources.

Sources said Wednesday he will officially announce his resignation as president of the $ 6460 college-wide $ 560,000 organization.

Sources say that Robert Cumana, the former state budget director for Andrew Cuomo, will fill the role of interim SUNY chancellor. He is currently the chief operating officer of SUNY.

His departure comes at a pivotal time – the SUNY corona is catching up with the virus infection and the expected budget cuts. Students who lived on campus were sent home this spring and took remote classes and exams to help control the virus – and it is unclear whether students will return to campus for classes in the fall.

Johnson was hired in 2017 with more fans. He is an engineer, inventor and former US Energy Department official in the Obama administration.

His tenure is not without controversy.

He sat down on the boards of two Fortune 500 companies when he revealed that he was charging fat six-point fees – raising his compensation by more than $ 1 million.

Johnson was furious when SUNY threw a “swearing-in” at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York ahead of a scholarship fundraising dinner in his honor at the New York Public Library in 2018. Suni said public money was not used for the gala.

A SUNY spokesman declined to confirm Johnson’s departure.

One higher education official called the timing of his resignation “very odd.”

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“It’s very strange. It looks like it’s going to be cut off, ”he said, referring to the challenges facing Suni during the current Govt crisis.

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