June 16, 2024

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“That’s enough. I don’t have the strength to continue,” said Annami Paul

"That's enough. I don't have the strength to continue," said Annami Paul

Enough, I do not have the strength to continue, She said, referring to the turmoil that has gripped her party since she took over the leadership of her party almost a year ago.

Attacks on our party, attacks on our party, attacks on our advisers, I do not have the strength to continue to grieve the former leaders of our party towards our council., She added.

This is not the reason [pour laquelle] I decided to enter political life. It’s time to go in another direction, She said in a public statement, after which she did not answer any questions.

Ms Paul, the first black woman to lead a federal political party, has argued that she has been facing headwinds ever since. His election as head of the Greens, October 3, 2020.

The decision to lead the party proved to be one Terrible fight, She said before she felt she had a responsibility to continue anyway.

Party candidates and volunteers are eligible to have a leader, and I have a responsibility to show that people like me can go this far, She says.

When I was elected and in this role, I broke a glass ceiling. What I didn’t realize at the time was that he was going to fall on my head, leaving pieces of glass that I had to crawl on while I was the leader.

A quote from:Annami Paul, leader of the Green Party of Canada

Arriving at the negotiation stage […] I’m bleeding, but I’m determined to be there so I can think about seeing someone like me next time […] He knew it was possible to do that, She continued.

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Ms Paul, who finished fourth in her riding at the Toronto Center, said she had no regrets about going through it. The worst period of his life, Without hiding that she was not surprised with the results obtained.

The Green Party managed to retain only two seats in the House of Commons, and party support fell from 6.5% in 2019 to 2.3% in 2021.

After campaigning without funding, staff and campaign managers, she found, It is very difficult to convince voters to vote [notre] Took off.

Questioning his leadership

Annami Paul explained that the first nail in her political coffin was set up on voting day when the party federal council chairman said her leadership would be questionable.

The final nail was put on Saturday when all party leaders received an email confirming that his leadership would be reviewed.

Only then did she wonder if she had the strength to continue in her role, and she finally answered in the negative.

It was clear that I had not been given the opportunity to lead. I was not given this opportunity and I was not given it.

A quote from:Annami Paul, leader of the Green Party of Canada

Ms Paul did not disclose what she wanted to do with her future. She says she will find other ways to provide reasons she loves, such as the environment and social justice.

In response to the Israeli army firing on Israeli territory in Palestinian territory, dissent erupted in the Green Party during the day this spring.

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Fredericton Green MP Jenica Atwin is considered a rising party star Sentenced Airstrikes in Gaza calling for an end Parthid. Another Green MP, Paul Manley, called the situation in the Middle East Genocide.

Ms Paul’s senior adviser, Noah Jatzman, then accused Green MPs of being anti-discrimination and anti-Semitism and vowing to work against their re-election, provoking a real crisis internally.

Many activists criticized Ms Paul for not rejecting Mr. Jatzman, but Ms Atwin declared that she was on the side of the Liberal Party. She was also re-elected under this banner last Monday.

The affair permanently shook the leadership of Ms Paul, which was openly contested by some party members. Finally a resolution of confidence was reached Removed a few weeks before the election.

“Can’t admit mistakes”

In an interview with Radio-Canada last week, former deputy leader and party adviser Daniel Green was present Attributed the tearing of the greens to Mrs. Paul And ongoing internal tensions during the campaign.

He invited me to examine his conscience and Identify responsibility.

She must clearly admit the mistakes she did not make. It hurts me, Mr. Green commented Monday. Annami Paul did not leave the party – with what anyone expected – a certain honor.

In politics, when you make a mistake, you have to admit your mistakes and Annami Paul seems to be unable to admit his mistakes.

A quote from:Daniel Green, Green Party Advisor

On Twitter, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh thanked Ms Paul for her leadership, resilience and perseverance. You are allowed to represent the whole generation in politics, He wrote.

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Conservative leader Erin O’Toole also praised his perseverance Its guiding role for Canadians of all communities interested in public service.

I have always enjoyed our discussions and appreciated your perseverance. My best wishes to you and your family, He wrote.

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