June 16, 2024

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The former owner of SPVM puts the city of Montreal on notice

The former owner of SPVM puts the city of Montreal on notice

Philip Pichet, the former owner of the Montreal City Police Department, who has been the General Manager for the City of Fermont since the summer of 2019 on a service loan, is facing new obstacles that will prevent him from completing his career in functions, TVA Novelles learned.

According to our information, Mr. Pichet sent an official notice in the last few hours because he considered the city of Montreal “arbitrary, unjust and illegal” actions related to his employment relationship. And believes the city is trying to get rid of him in disguise.

According to our sources, Philip Pichet warned the Montreal City Director General on November 16 that he wanted to be employed by the SPVM “because he deserves to do so” and that he had the opportunity to reassure him. Availability for January 5, 2021. However, he did not respond.

A recent letter to the Comptroller General of Montreal about Philip Pichet, your ally bond, regarding a contract for SAAQ services in Fermont and a letter to Fermont City asking Fermont City. Psychological harassment.

According to the official notice, the city seeks to harm Philip Pichet‌ and “uses roundabout means to mislead him into not re-hiring him, depriving him of his fundamental right to work. By unjustly segregating society.”

Therefore the case of Philip Pichet is under study. He stays home, paid, without assignment.

“However, Myers praised Philip Pichet’s positive contribution to his future role in the SPVM,” we read in the official notice.

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Pichet announced through his lawyers that he would like to be re-appointed as Chief Inspector at SPVM to honor the transaction (…), which will allow him to play a useful role. It was a time of unprecedented crisis that particularly affected the city and its citizens.

“Otherwise, appropriate legal action will be initiated immediately.”

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