April 14, 2024

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The Irish beekeeper makes a fully functional hive from Legos

The Irish beekeeper makes a fully functional hive from Legos

An Irish beekeeper has spent his isolated building with a detailed, fully functional hive from Legos.

School teacher and wildlife enthusiast, Ruari O’Leochin, created a bevy of beekeeping communities. Westmeath Independent Reports.

Oh Leochin, who runs Athlone’s Wildlife Appears, Has amassed over 100,000 views in his video on Hive, and says fellow beekeepers around the world are asking for guidance on how to make their own.

“Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting that much reaction,” he told the store.

“People from China, the United States and elsewhere have contacted me and they say they like the idea.”

O’Leochin said he started the project about two months ago and that there was no coherent plan to build the hive once the toy bricks began to stack.

“I had an idea before COVID-19, so when it happened, I loaded up Lego, so I thought I would see what happens,” he told The Independent. “I’ve been making it a little bit over the last eight weeks.”

O’Leoch’s toy was able to build a hive compared to the real thing.

According to O’Leoch, the colorful digs now have about 30,000 native Irish black bees, with people expected to double at the peak of summer.

He didn’t use any glue to hold the bricks, but he said the bees would actually work to seal the structure.

“That’s what bees do, and if given enough time, they will present the whole thing,” O’Leochin continued. “Propolis is a kind of glue that bees get from trees, and when a bee comes through any space, any air or air, they put their glue in between it to seal it.”

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