May 19, 2024

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The provinces asked Ottawa to stop encroaching on their jurisdiction 2024 Federal Budget

The provinces asked Ottawa to stop encroaching on their jurisdiction  2024 Federal Budget

The Federation Council has serious objections to the Freeland budget presented this week.

In a letter sent to Justin Trudeau on Friday, the premiers of Canada's 13 provinces and territories are affirming Ottawa from scratch. Avoid being occupied on their areas of expertise, Especially in relation to health, education and housing sectors.

On these issues, Each government should have the right to ongoing financial compensation representing its fair shareThey write, insisting that it should always be Unconditional.

The council — which these days has a rotating presidency of Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston — suggested, among other things, that Freeland's budget was presented after the provinces and did not take their priorities into account. or very little.

Its members also say The costs of new federal programs created without a long-term funding commitment are ultimately borne entirely by the provinces and territories.According to them, there is an effect[augmenter] Financial stress on their taxpayers.

The prime ministers will discuss, among other things, the various budget measures proposed by Ottawa related to housing, as Justin Trudeau has made several announcements in this area in recent weeks, but this responsibility rests with them.

Rather than introducing new programs, Ottawa should Consider the resulting effects of population growth on housing demand by acting on significant numbers of refugees in certain provinces and territories.The Council will underline.

Quebec, in particular, has been engaged in a months-long standoff with the federal government aimed at stemming the flow of migrants ending up in the province and persuading them to receive financial compensation for services rendered to them.

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Francois Legault gave Justin Trudeau until June 30 to respond positively to his requests. Otherwise, he warned that his government may hold a sectoral referendum on the issue.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Quebec counterpart Francois Legault met face-to-face on March 15 in Montreal.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Christine Muschi

Called to respond a few hours later at a press conference in Victoria, British Columbia, Mr. Trudeau said he believes he is doing the right thing. Conservative provinces […] Resist and repel Federal aid.

When I hear that provinces are angry because we've made deals with big cities and put money in their coffers so they can increase density, build housing faster and invest in affordability, I know it has to happen.He \ he said.

Mr. Trudeau also reiterated Priority given Work in collaboration with the provinces, but he doesn't hesitate to get around If necessary.

I will always do so in accordance with the Constitution, but my first responsibility is to ensure a brighter future for all Canadians.He \ he said.

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