April 16, 2024

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The SUV 2 officers attacked the Buffalo George Floyd demonstration, speeding

The SUV 2 officers attacked the Buffalo George Floyd demonstration, speeding

BUFFALO, N.Y. – A vehicle plowed through a group of law enforcement officers during a George Floyd demonstration Monday night in Buffalo, injuring at least two people.

The video was released by a viewer At 9:30 pm, a man interviewed by a television camera shows an array of police officers with the support of an armored personnel carrier who rushes in and tackles. Other officers used beards to attack the scattered protesters.

Moments later, there was the sound of gunshots coming out of the camera, and then officers ran through the cluster of barrels into an SUV. At least one person appeared to get under the wheels of the vehicle.

The SUV drove around an armored vehicle and was speeding because of the sound of heavy gunshots.

Officers were transported to Erie County Medical Center. Officials said their condition was stable.

Erie County Administrator Mark Polonkars tweeted just before 11 p.m. The driver of the vehicle and the passenger are believed to be in custody.

Buffalo Police spokesman Michael DeJarge said two people were shot during a protest on Monday. It is not immediately clear whether these footage came from police or others, he said. They were treated in the same hospital.

As the police helicopter flew overhead, the officers in armored vehicles fired tear gas and dispersed the crowd within a few blocks of the attack. Many shops in the area were broken into and people could see inside and go with the goods.

A woman on her front stoop said to a man on the phone, “I’m afraid.”

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