April 14, 2024

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What is a blackout Tuesday? Everything you need to know about mobility

What is a blackout Tuesday? Everything you need to know about mobility

Activists and celebrities took to social media in black on Tuesday to show support for the protests that sparked the killing of George Floyd.

Users are flooded with simple black squares for Instagram and Twitter “Blackout Tuesday,” Online show of solidarity with nationwide protests against police brutality.

Actors with such a big name Idris Elba And Mahershala Ali He took part in the movement, and the accompanying hashtags defrauded millions of Instagram posts.

As the sometimes violent protests over Floyd’s death rocked major US cities, the social media phenomenon grew out of the promise of music and entertainment companies to shut down their businesses and “reconnect” with their communities.

Interscope Records delayed scheduled music releases this week, while television networks such as MTV and Comedy Central shut down programming for eight minutes and 46 seconds on Monday afternoon. Minneapolis police officer Derek Chuvre is reportedly holding a knee to Floyd’s neck.

But some activists expressed concern over the “Blackout Tuesday” posts.#BlackLivesMatter”Hashtag, which is filled with black squares.

“We know this is not intended to be harmful, but to be transparent, it is mainly harmful to the message,” activist Kenitra Woods Said on Twitter.

Celebrities raised those concerns and encouraged campaigners to use the designated #BlackoutT Tuesday hashtag instead.

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“If you’re participating, don’t use the tag #BlackLivesMatter,” said actor and comedian Kumeil Nanjiani Tweeted. “It brings down important and relevant content.”

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