May 19, 2024

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The University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières patrols its campus with luxury Mustang Mac-Is.

The University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières patrols its campus with luxury Mustang Mac-Is.

The University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières has seen fit to lease two luxury Ford Mustang Mac-Es to patrol its campus, one for $92,000 for 8 years.

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In May 2023, UQTR boasted in a press release that it had leased two electric vehicles, “another gesture in our transition to a more sustainable lifestyle”. However, this is without mentioning the cost of the monthly payment, which is a tidy sum of between $960 and $776 per vehicle, depending on mileage. This cost includes maintenance and emergency system like emergency lights.

The vehicle will be identified by the University logo

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When our Bureau of Investigation questioned the need to acquire such expensive vehicles, the university said it had to choose a “robust vehicle” with all-wheel drive to “patrol roads that are difficult to access”. Specify which ones. In addition, Quebec policy requires a low-emission vehicle to be leased and procured from the Ministry of Transport (MTQ).

However, when it comes time to choose, the variety of environmental vehicles offered by MTQ is “totally very limited,” says the university.

“Unfortunately, these models [moins dispendieux] are not available or not provided in the vehicle catalog of the Ministry of Transport,” indicated spokesman Jean-Francois Hines.

Public funds

Despite the impressive cost, the university “knows that UQTR funds are public funds,” he assured.

Remember that the Laval police department was on the hot seat for purchasing the Mach-E for $94,000, driven by its director, Pierre Brochet.

When asked to respond, MTQ noted that the Mach-E is the only car in the catalog that fits the university's specific requirements, namely a sport utility vehicle (SUV).

“There is a supply of electric vehicles [aujourd’hui] There is more diversity in this category,” assures spokesperson Gilles Payer.

The latter also ensures that the university saves money by choosing an electric SUV over a combustion SUV due to the low cost of electricity.

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