April 14, 2024

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There is a lack of housing, period

There is a lack of housing, period

News magazine Published An excellent record this week on unbuilt homes, but the Plante administration counted on its balance sheet. A similar phenomenon for the Quebec government: targets are not being met. Beyond the political smoke and mirrors, this document reflects a larger problem: We’re not building enough, we’re not building fast enough.

A loud social housing lobby systematically brings up the shortage of social housing. They are not wrong: there is a shortage of it. But the problem is much bigger than the lack of state-built or state-supervised social housing.

It has no housing! Not just in Montreal. Even in most parts of Quebec. Lack of houses, shortage of rental houses, lack of big houses for big families.


Houses are expensive and so are rents. This is precisely due to the rare phenomenon. Because there is not enough housing for everyone, people tear themselves away from what is available.

Proponents of statism, very well represented in Quebec, summarize the problem in one point: municipalities must build social housing. Quebec should have more generous programs to help them do this. And Ottawa must embark on a major investment program in social housing.

The people on the right ask another question. Why are private builders not building at a faster rate? In theory, this lack of housing presents a good business opportunity.

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Where are the builders?

This is where it gets interesting. Constructors are formal: The municipal ruling class has become an obstacle to the realization of projects. Cities that talk extensively about housing in their speeches delay and complicate many projects.

Land zoning, permitting and complex bureaucratic rules contribute to slowing or abandoning construction. This is exactly what is happening. In extreme cases, cases go to court and judges are forced to issue permits.

Some cities have also introduced special taxes on new construction. Moreover, in the construction of rental housing, landlords own land in a highly regulated world where profit margins are low and risks are not taken into account (for example rising interest rates!).

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The housing shortage problem particularly affects the rising generation. That may be why the mayor of Longueuil and the mayor of Laval, two of the youngest elected municipal officials, convened a housing summit last spring.

They have the intelligence to bring together all stakeholders, not just the claimants of social housing. Hope the results will come from it.

François Legault appointed a minister specifically dedicated to housing. Renovation of residential construction: This is a great challenge, especially in a recession year.

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