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This is the end of the toys offered in the Happy Dinner menu!

This is the end of the toys offered in the Happy Dinner menu!

McDonald’s Intervenes in environmental conservation and marks the end of a particular era. True, you can no longer see plastic toys on the brand’s menus.

These are more precisely “happy meals”, which are children’s menus. The brand now wants to look super ecological. This is the main reason why plastic toys disappear. It should be noted that plastic toys are replaced by other art toys. This decision will take effect McDonald’s February 10. And it aired through a brand press release. Sure you can see that too.

Why did McDonald’s make such a decision?

This great decision came to light for two young British sisters aged 07 and 09 years. True, they won their case, especially with the British population. Thanks to the petition made on this topic, they were able to change the perspective of the brand.

Happy meal de Chase McDonalds

Contrary to all expectations, the petition reached a total of 500,000 signatures. So you understand we are talking about 500,000 people who have the same opinion. Launched in 2018, the petition is based on the slogans of McDonald’s and Burger King. Keep in mind that these two structures are in competition. In fact each of them interferes with the restoration and has similar menus.

This significant result pushed the brand Fast Food Rapid McDonalds To make some conclusions. These include helping to remove plastic in England. In addition to this country, Ireland and France are committed to doing the same. The decision to give the brand to the most loyal customers.

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Did McDonald’s make this decision by chance?

The company now contributes to the elimination of plastics through its brand. This communication revolves around commitment ” Zero plastic Is it a game of chance? Not naturally, it tends to avoid surprises. Ated only overturned the next law in force for the brand. This is the anti-waste circular economic law.


The law provides for a ban on plastic toys on children’s menus by 2022. So you understand that the brand has just prepared for such an alternative. It should be noted that this is a new step for the brand. It seeks to enhance its image with a focus on environmental impact. The strategy is to earn a place in the heart of environmental groups.

It is important to note that in 2019 the brand did the same. By permanently withdrawing plastic straws before the law prohibits them. McDonald’s and Recycling: Beyond all these parameters, the brand is also created by law. True, the law gives special interest to recycling. All companies in the area must comply with the 5 Flux Decree. It comes from the August 17, 2015 Act on Energy Transformation.

By law, all fast food restaurants must have a sorting bin. This is useful for bringing waste to sorting centers. This contributes to a very interesting ecology and leads the brand to be in good favor with its customers.

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