May 19, 2024

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Tram: Mayor Junai Le Gendre is worried about the terminus

Tram: Mayor Junai Le Gendre is worried about the terminus

The mayor of Saint-Augustine-de-Desmours is concerned that the Legalt government will be reserved at the Le Gendre terminus for a future tramway.

The Coquist government’s recent proposal for the city of Quebec, at the western end, provided for the disappearance of a major section between Saint-Foy and Cap-Rouge.

“It simply came to our notice then. No one pretends to go to the heart of Tram Saint-Augustine, but it’s good to be so close. If things go too far (in Saint-Fhre), that’s definitely not good news, ”Sylvain Junai said in an interview.

The latter recalled that the Augustinians also paid to the RTC through their town quota.

Pragmatism, however, he was optimistic that the Le Gendre branch would work well.

Commenting on recent developments, Mary-Helen Wonders‌missen, Director of the Department of Geography at Laval University, stated: “It is really strange (if not volatile) that, on the one hand, the CAQ complained about the construction network proposed by the city of Quebec not serving the suburbs enough, and in its new version, certainly serving some suburbs The CAQ proposes to cut the parts: towards Charlesburg and towards Saint-Foie – Cap-Rouge ”.

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Many of the leaders of the neighboring council (CDQ) were interviewed on Tuesday Newspaper Sorry for swimming in full fog with the different scenes now appearing on the table for the tram.

Mary-Ov Normandu, CDQ president of Point-de-Saint-Foy, said:

A similar reaction between Limoilou and Charlesburg on behalf of Jean-Franకోois Valli, president of Lyret’s CDQ.

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“It’s kind of scary for us. We do not believe the tram can go through the lyre,” he sighed, but remained open to the “compromise” of the terminus at 41st Street.

In Charlesburg, towards the CDQ des Josuits, we disagreed with the idea of ​​reducing the north side of the road and insisted that the tram be considered a tool for economic revival.

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