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Request for collective action | The youths allege that Canada has not taken action for the climate

Request for collective action |  The youths allege that Canada has not taken action for the climate

Although the court rejected it for the first time, Environment Jeans did not abandon its request for collective action against the federal government, accusing it of failing to take action to curb global warming. The organization believes that Canada is violating the fundamental rights of its citizens, especially young people.

Voronic LazoneVoronic Lazone

The Environment Jeans (ENJEU) organization appeared before the Quebec Court of Appeals on Tuesday seeking a green light for collective action by all Quebec residents under the age of 35 against Ottawa. According to this group of young people, Canada is violating the rights of Cubans who have to live with the consequences of the neglect of previous generations.

Of course, the government recognizes the need, consequences and damage of global warming, but it does not respond to scrutiny by refusing to take strong and necessary measures, ‘Youth Environment, ME Bruce Johnston.

“We have a commitment, we say something, but it’s wrong if action is not taken. It’s wrong! We know there are very serious consequences,” he said.E Johnston. He wanted to convince three judges of the importance of empowering this collective action, which was rejected by the trial judge in July 2019.

In the allegations, Canada did not meet the greenhouse gas reduction targets and never met them, we can read in the summary of ENJEU filed in court.

“If we know we can’t do it, why are we participating?E Johnston on Tuesday before three judges. What does that mean? We have an international commitment, we recognize our responsibility, and then basically we can’t do it. I think someone deserves to be explained before a judge. ”

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Federal government prosecutors have argued that the procedural vehicle (i.e. class action) is inappropriate, even though it is “a major issue” and a “very important issue”.

“We are seeking to obtain a statement from the Court that Canada’s general policy in the fight against climate change is inadequate. It does not target a specific law or a specific measure or measure.E Marzoline Breton.

For this prosecutor, if the class action is heard in court and ENJEU wins, the whole community can benefit from the result. Not only members of the class action, but also Quebec residents aged 35 and under. She therefore believes that the request of the company should not be allowed.

In addition, although the collective action aims to deny Canada the payment of $ 100 to every Cuban under 35, the firm’s attorney said the money should not go to the judges. In the pockets of young people. Instead, it helps curb global warming.

“We have a valid reason. We now have the opportunity to discuss this question. It is urgent and it deserves to take court time,” he said.E Bruce Johnston.

The Quebec Court of Appeal judges will soon give their verdict.

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