June 18, 2024

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Tram route: LaBeouf makes a “win-win proposal”

Tram route: LaBeouf makes a "win-win proposal"

On the tram route, Regis Lobim promised to make a “win-win proposal” when he meets with Prime Minister Legalt and Transport Minister “as soon as possible”.

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The Quebec mayor said this Monday, before the city council.

“Our proposal is ready. It counts. It is measured. We know where we are going. We are in the process of refining the exhibits. What we are going to propose is, for us, a win-win proposal that will allow us to call for proposals and not delay the project for two years, ”he said.

At present, no date has been fixed for the summit meetings with the government. “People are discussing the agenda […] We are ready, the rest of us. How quickly it gets better, ”Mr. Lobim added.

“We think we’ve in it”

Despite the perseverance of journalists, the mayor was reluctant to divulge details of the proposal he thought he could submit this March.

Asked if there were any concessions, he said, “When you negotiate, it should not just be arbitrary. It has to be in two ways. But the premise is that we need to call for proposals so that the project quickly participates in the economic recovery ”.

According to him, “there is no question of destroying what has been built over many years. At some point, you need to understand what the rest is [le gouvernement] Want. We think we are in it. You must have the desire to settle down […] It should not become a political tool. “

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In the evening, Quebec 21 chief Jean-Franకోois Gosselin denied that the mayor had revealed the details of his talks with the government last week.

“It simply came to our notice then. This does not happen in politics. It’s not going to happen, ”he dropped.

According to him, “the mayor spends money in places where even the tram does not pass.” He therefore called on Mr. LaBeoum to stop distributing the money as long as there was no official agreement with the government.

“Nothing less than Montreal”

In the eyes of Mayor LaBeouf, the Structuring Network project must be involved in Quebec’s economic recovery.

“Economic recovery will not happen in Montreal,” he stressed. The people of Quebec have always refused – and continue to refuse – compared to Montreal. Quebec should be treated proportionately along with Montreal. Nothing less than Montreal. This is LeitMotif. ”

Regis LaBeoum Further Discussions “The [deux] As other parts of the tram route agree, the end parts are where the problems are ”.

In addition, the mayor said the recent announcement by the government to inject more than the $ 3.3 billion provided in the budget was “well recognized”.

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