June 18, 2024

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What to do with Alexis Lafrenier?

What to do with Alexis Lafrenier?

Alexis Lafrenier’s production has caused more than one concern since the start of the season. In the opinion of our experts, it does not emerge in the right chair and this explains its thin product.

Demonstrate in set Dave Morissette N Direct On Thursday evening, Melody Dost, Alexander Picard and Michelle Bergeron covered the subject. To listen to the section, watch the video above.

According to Dowst, it is clear that Lafrenier has no chance of performing: “Lafrenier is playing against the third trio; Not playing much time and unfortunately it is in a more defensive role. “According to her, it also affects his game:” At the QMJHL or at the World Junior Hockey Championships, he played in the first row with the puck, but unfortunately, at the beginning of the season, it looks like he’s playing in the box, he gives the puck quickly. “

Picard agrees. Playing against three with defensive responsibilities, the Rangers No.13 fail most of their time and defend their territory, which does not match the style of play he usually argues. According to him, the striker will hold his place in one of the first two lines of the team.

This is what Michelle Bergeron wants: “I want to see him play!” He suggested. According to him, the Rangers are restricting the young striker to a role that does not suit him and does not emphasize him enough: “Lafrenier should have a puck. If he’s the first choice in the draft, then he’s good with the puck. He must play. “

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