May 19, 2024

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“It’s called stubborn, it’s so easy”

"It's called stubborn, it's so easy"

Forward Max Domi Seems to be in trouble with the Blue Jackets The former CH is currently being sent to the fourth row by team coach John Tortorella.

Tortorella agreed that the situation was “a concern”. Our analyst is Maxim Lapierre, he sees something else.

“A guy like Domi, very talented, when I saw it, as a fourth-line player without arms, it annoys me,” he told ‘GC’ on Thursday. Because all he had to do was do as the coach told him to. It’s so easy! ”

“With all the other tools he has, he has to work and focus on the system,” the agitator continued. This is called stubbornness, which is very simple. “

In his day section, Maxim Buffalo also made a comeback in the case of Sabers and more specifically striker Taylor Hall, who he never liked even though he looked talented.

“I think he’s looking forward to an opportunity, an easy game to collect his points,” he said, adding that he does not want to be on his team.

In short, Maxim is in good condition and it can be seen in the main video!

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