June 24, 2024

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Why invest in electric bikes?

Why invest in electric bikes?

In the constant search for alternatives to the car, a solution is needed to revolutionize urban mobility: electric bikes in car sharing. A vision shared by Banque Tangerine, which announced a strategic partnership with BIXI in the summer.

Powerful, eco-friendly, durable and practical, BIXI electric bikes have become a solid modern choice. Statistics testify to their growing popularity: they are used on average 24% more than regular bicycles.

With this in mind, Banc Tangerine has partnered with BIXI to enhance their electric bicycle program. With this deal, the financial institution aims to promote a greener choice of transportation and revolutionize the way Montrealers thrive in their city.

Globally, there is a growing trend towards sustainable mobility. The Montreal region has every advantage in becoming a leader in the field. Here are the top reasons why we should collectively invest in carsharing bikes.

For their accessibility

BIXI electric bikes make urban commuting easier by providing an ideal alternative to a car. Their engine provides cyclists with extra support, which is very useful on a long course or marked with hills for example. Regardless of their physical condition, most people can use them without worrying about intensity or exertion.

If car-sharing bikes are practical, the deployment of large fleets will be equally decisive in the development of this service. That’s why Banc Tangerine has partnered with BIXI to continue expanding its network of electric bicycles.

For a sustainable city

Because our lifestyles have a significant impact on the health of the planet, every gesture is calculated to reduce our environmental footprint. “At Tangerine, all of our initiatives aim to move people forward and our partnership with BIXI is the perfect opportunity to move Montrealers in the right direction,” said Gillian Riley, president and CEO of Banc Tangerine. In fact, electric bikes run on electricity, which means that, in addition to being a highly efficient means of transportation, they do not emit greenhouse gases (GHGs). “This partnership will help ensure a sustainable future for Montreal,” said Ms. Relay continues.

For active movements

The development of infrastructure dedicated to this means of transport not only has the benefit of a more sustainable city, but also of increased mobility.

Here, as in other parts of the world, more fluid travel is popular. In its report, Deloitte revealed that the phenomenon is on the rise in some European cities, including London and Copenhagen. TMT Predictions 2020. This shows that electric bike users spend less time on average in traffic than motorists.

Montreal is also doing well in North America, with a network of more than 2,600 electric bikes. “BIXI offers cyclists an easy way to get around Montreal’s diverse neighborhoods,” added Banque Tangerine President and CEO. By investing in BIXI, Tangerine offers a bright future for Montreal; Greener and less cluttered. »

For better health

In addition to its environmental and practical benefits, electric bike sharing also promotes the health and well-being of cyclists. E-bike trips provide a great opportunity for daily physical exercise. They promote an active lifestyle, reduce stress and improve cardiovascular health.

By embracing this trend, we can improve our own quality of life and create more sustainable cities. So why not get on an electric bike today?

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For more information on the strategic collaboration between Tangerine and BIXI, visit tangerine.ca/BIXI.

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