April 20, 2024

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3 former Minneapolis cops, 1 in custody in the death of George Floyd

3 former Minneapolis cops, 1 in custody in the death of George Floyd

One of three former policemen charged in the killing of George Floyd was taken into custody Wednesday, prosecuting all officers involved with the Minnesota Attorney General. “Mr. Floyd, his family, this community and our state.”

AG Keith Ellison – Former policeman Derek Sauv’s knee underneath his neck, “Mr. The world has heard Floyd shouting at his uncle. ”- Floyd’s grieving family had a message for him.

“George Floyd was important. He was loved, his family was important and his life was worth it,” Ellison said.

“We will seek justice for him and for you, and we will find it.”

Former Minneapolis policemen Duo Tao, Jr. Ellison said during a televised news conference that he was accused of aiding and abetting a second-degree murder on Alexander Guenig and Thomas Lane.

Criminal Understanding Bureau Superintendent Drew Evans said one person was locked up and the other two were “in the process” of being arrested.

Evans did not say who was already in custody.

The trio were caught on camera during Floyd’s fatal arrest on May 25, and the video shows two of them helping to stop him at one point.

The charges against them were filed with an amended complaint that raised the first count against Sovin from the third-degree murder charge filed last week.

In the terrifying cellphone video, Savin uses his knee to drag Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes on foot.

Floyd repeatedly said, “I can’t breathe,” before losing consciousness, and Chuv’s boycott of the audience repeatedly appealed to the audience to remove the knee from Floyd’s neck, the video shows.

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Ellison said the case was under investigation and was being held in parallel with the federal civil rights investigation, and that he had the “full support” of the Justice Department.

But he warned that the outcome of the lawsuit was not guaranteed.

“Winning a penalty is going to be tough,” Ellison said.

“History shows there will be clear challenges here.”

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