April 23, 2024

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George Floyd’s opponent has the corona virus, but does not wear a mask

George Floyd's opponent has the corona virus, but does not wear a mask

A Pennsylvania man arrested during a violent demonstration over the death of George Floyd claims he has a coronavirus – and now authorities are concerned that he may have contracted the disease.

Julio V. Torres said on Tuesday that he was coerced into being accused of aggravated assault, riot and arrest during his raid. Lancaster Online reports.

The 22-year-old was told self-isolation, but went to a protest in Lancaster on Monday evening with 250 people – and did not wear a mask or social distance.

“[He] Both public and peaceful participation in protest and law enforcement are endangered, ”said Lancaster County President Judge David Ashworth.

“I know there is no other way to get the word out,” the judge said.

Police said they did not confirm that Torres had tested positive, but he told a district judge and prison staff that his diagnosis.

“If all of this was in his role, it was. All we can do is act on his word. He has now told many officials that he is positive, ”Ashworth said.

The indictment charges that Torres threw “bodily harm to police officers” during the fight in front of the police station and “seemed to be directing their action” to others in the crowd.

He is also accused of throwing a barrier in the middle of the street.

“These actions taken by Torres were aimed at preventing or forcing official action, and then for the purpose of causing embarrassment, irritation or alarm to the public,” the documents say.

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Court records show he was booked into the Lancaster County Jail without being able to register 10 percent of his $ 25,000 bail.

Lancaster Mayor Dane Soares Said the store On Tuesday, he said he was “very concerned about the outbreak of the protests.”

He said the state’s health department had said it would be useless to find contact if people were exposed at large meetings. But over the next two weeks, he was monitoring any cases.

“Although it is proven that young people suffer from severe symptoms, I am concerned about others who come in close contact with them, especially their families,” Soros said. “Wear a mask. Self isolation. If you have symptoms, test. “

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