May 23, 2024

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Artists “pray” Legalt to reopen theaters

Artists "pray" Legalt to reopen theaters

Artists, creators and musicians’ associations are coming back to charge following the revelation in writing that Public Health has recommended to the government since September that it allow theaters and theaters to reopen.

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“It is now clear that Public Health is in favor of reopening theaters, curfew should not be a break for production or artistic distribution,” they wrote in a statement on Monday.

The performing arts and performing arts sector, which believes the “pandemic will be largely affected by the closure to the public for almost a year,” explains that the reopening will be delayed, “making it more difficult to meet.”

This message was signed by the National Federation of Communications and Culture (FNCC-CSN), Union des Artists (UDA), Guild of Musicians and Museums of Quebec (GMNQ), Association of Arts Professionals de la Scan du Quebec (jointly) APAS The Association of Dramatic Writers (AQAD) and the organization TRACE, work together on workers’ acronym, arts, culture and events.

“People have a real need to reconnect with the performing arts and leave their bubble from time to time,” said TRACE co-spokeswoman Sharon Figaro. With the ban on curfew and indoor meetings, the population should be encouraged to attend controlled and safe public places such as cultural outreach sites. It’s good for everyone’s courage! ”

UDA President, Sophie Present, “without closing the whole sector,” [il serait] It is possible to open distribution areas and close them one by one if an outbreak occurs, much like any other work or school setting.

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Prime Minister Legalt defended his decision last week to allow reopening of theaters rather than theaters, saying he wanted to limit the reopening, saying that it was not enough to allow filmmakers to occupy children during the spring break and allow theaters to reopen in the Red Zone 10 days before reopening.

“The performing arts community is very diverse,” AQAD general manager Mary-Eve Gagnon said in a press release. While some major structures are not yet ready to perform, there are other types of performances that can quickly adapt and reach an audience. ”

Written notices distributed on Friday dr Horacio Arruda recommended that exhibition halls, cinemas, theaters, places of worship and restaurants (one address per table) be kept open with some restrictions.

To rely on his written views, the National Director of Public Health also returned several times on the subject last fall.

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