May 19, 2024

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Tonight’s show is dedicated to Danny Turkot!

Tonight's show is dedicated to Danny Turkot!

Guy A. LePage During the show, he will pay his final tribute to his BFF tonight Everyone talks about it!

Yes, a few hours before the show on Sunday, the popular host Everyone talks about it Decided to send the message To his colleague in the last 17 years And February 21, to dedicate this night’s meeting to him!

«Hi Danny, We’re in order and the whole Studio 42 team [de Radio-Canada], We have already lost you. So, we want to say hi. We missed you, my lovely type! This evening we are dedicating the show to you. Hi my friend!», He revealed to Radio-Canada’s famous Studio 42, along with his team on the show.

Guy A. LePage We were shocked enough to learn What Danny Turcot Departing Everyone talks about it, Last Thursday. In an interview, the host of the famous talk show was confident about this and explained that he was not aware of the departure. Danny Turcot A few hours before its announcement on social networks. Apparently he is Shaken by this news …

Instagram Guy A. LePage

Today, Danny Turcot They used the good weather to go cross country skiing in Mont-Orford National Park in the eastern townships. By the way, the king ex-madman sent his wishes to the whole team Everyone talks about it!

«I wish the whole TLMEP team a great performance tonight! 🌞»

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