May 19, 2024

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Before her death, she wanted to name the police

Before her death, she wanted to name the police

The woman, who was killed in Laval on Sunday, said she feared for her life and insisted she name the perpetrator of the threats when she called 911 two days before she was shot.

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The day after the murder, those close to Marley Edward were asking themselves a number of questions and wondering if he had seriously considered his appeal to the police, especially for death threats.

Last Friday, the 32-year-old victim called 911 to complain about his new girlfriend’s ex-spouse.

Two patrolmen from the Laval police department allegedly spoke to her by phone rather than in person due to the epidemic.

According to our information, she feared that the man who attacked her would take a contract killer to kill her.

Our sources said that due to some unknown reasons, no official complaint was registered after this discussion.

Beneficiary to the employment agency, mTo me According to the victim’s sister, Edward was shot in the head two days later as she was leaving for work.

His body was found by neighbors outside a condo building in the Chomedi neighborhood around 6:30 a.m. Sunday. A handgun was found nearby.

Sorrento du Quebec is under investigation for murder. For its part, the Bureau of Independent Investigations is examining previous police interventions in the case.


Circumstances related to Om murderTo me Edward did not answer many questions for his relatives, knowing very little about his love situation.

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“The worst thing is, we found out she wanted to complain. What happened [pour la protéger] ? The whole family wants to know what happened to our little sister. ”

“She called the police and died within 48 hours. Was she taken seriously? Her sister was surprised, as she lives in Quebec, requesting anonymity for fear of her safety.

“We did not say anything on the phone every day. She has a lot of projects with the Symbios 509 company. She never mentioned her problems, ”she sighs, her throat tight.

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