May 21, 2024

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Bypass Lock-Megantic: Schedule “unattainable” according to CP

Bypass Lock-Megantic: Schedule "unattainable" according to CP

The bypass has been claimed by city residents since a convoy derailed in the city center on July 6, 2013, following a train tragedy. Forty-seven people died in the tragedy.

The only realistic solution that will deliver this project by the end of 2023 is to start construction by the end of 2021. To do this, the government must be prepared to complete the land quickly and remove the application. Accept the lengthy general control approval process, and all the financial risks of implementing the engineering and construction phases simultaneously, Describes CP in an email to Radio-Canada.

Major obstacles in the schedule are issues that only the government can address.

A quote from:Canadian Pacific

The Lock-Megantic Municipal Council, which issued the warning, voted unanimously Tuesday evening and asked for details about the project schedule.

He voted to seek the commitment of all political parties in Ottawa The Lock-Megantic Rail Bypass project can move forward as soon as possible, with no respect for those we have lost and those left behind.


However, in an email, the Office of the Minister of Transport reiterated its commitment to complete the bypass on schedule.

This project has always been a priority for our government. Last week, our update reaffirmed our commitment to complete the bypass by 2023, as originally intended. In the process we will continue to work with CP, Lock-Megantic, neighboring municipalities and other stakeholders., He suggests.

Lock-megantic people can trust our unwavering commitment to make this file fruitful on time.

A quote from:Office of the Minister of Transport

Speaking to Federal Source Radio-Canada, he said the government should soon conclude an agreement with CNO so that the deadline is set at 2023.

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Conservative MP for Megantic – L’Rable, Luke Berthold, hopes the Transport Minister will keep his word.

I believe the minister has attached everything, everything is ready and construction will start very soon.

A quote from:Luke Berthold, Member of the Megantic Parliament – L’Rable

It has been many years since this tragedy happened, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shown commitment to providing bypass for the lock-megantic population that she lives to remember every day. Every time you hear trains whistling about this tragedy and passing through the city center, He adds.

He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations To make this project happen as soon as possible .

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