May 23, 2024

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Deadly virus hits Lusquille stables | News | Is good

Deadly virus hits Lusquille stables |  News |  Is good

TBeginning on February 3, a young horse named Eddie began to lose his balance.

“At the end of the afternoon, at 4pm, while we were doing evening chores, Eddie came out of his stall and he was not walking straight,” said Manuel Seguin, a volunteer who said the horse was this stable. We could see that he was not on his plate. The vet called immediately. Five men are trying to help the horse stand up. Eddie died at 10 p.m. “

Three days later, another horse was found to have symptoms of HVE-1, from which he died. A third beast died Friday.

Unique to horses, the HVE-1 virus is a rarer and more severe form of the disease than any other type. The virus manifests itself in fever, which is ataxia, which often attacks the animal’s organs and causes serious neurological problems.

Employees and many volunteers had to take steps to protect the animals. Those who show symptoms are distinguished from others and the 11 meter distance between horses should be respected as the virus is spread by aerosols generated by sneezing.

The situation is that a person needs to be present at all hours of the day and night to take the temperature of the horses and give them medication. A veterinarian also visits the site regularly.

“It’s very difficult mentally and physically,” Mrs. Seguin continues. Although unfortunately we lost three horses, we still have hope in others. We must not let go and we must be cool. “

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