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Kasparov Chess, a chess platform inspired by gaming

Kasparov Chess, a chess platform inspired by gaming

Built by BETC FULLSIX for support and ingenuity by Gary Kasparov, Kasparov Chess is a chess platform based on gaming and streaming-inspired interface principles.

Through this interface, there is a determination to create an immersive experience in chess culture and to value duality, the progress of players and their achievements.

Make mesmerizing one of the oldest board games in the world again

Kasparov Chess Chess was built by ias enthusiasts and more than 30 grandmasters, including Maxim Wachier-Lagrave, Tania Sachdev and Yanik Pelletier. Eventually, a study was conducted on nearly 500 athletes of all levels. The result is a new gaming experience with an environment centered on players, which allows them to adapt to this historic game at every stage of their progress, regardless of their level. The interface principles inspired by streaming and gaming have been applied to make directly available all the resources necessary for players’ development and to translate the emotional lift caused by the game of chess: suspense, attacks to be made. Face, regression condition.

Kasparov Chess, “Player Friendly” platform

The existing interfaces meet all chess standards with a large number of inputs and game options. These platforms are very accessible to beginners who play, but are more labor intensive for enthusiasts to understand. Thanks to the research work conducted with players of all levels, Kasparov placed only what was needed to make the chess experience accessible and exciting.

Kasparov Chess is a clean platform with a four-point navigation menu: Learn, Play, Watch, Legacy.

  • Learn: Learn and make progress with masterclasses provided by great international players.
  • Play: An international match making experience designed to create strong gaming moments and experience all the excitement of the game.
  • Watch: Documentaries, Interviews, This is a real dive into the world of chess culture.
  • Legacy: A page dedicated to Gary Kasparov and his vision as a “player researcher”, including a series of personal podcasts.
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Gaming codes are found in the design of the platform, inspired by FIFA and structured as a hub, directing players with a single click on everything they need.

Our main navigation menu is an expression of our value proposition: direct, unambiguous and action-oriented. It immediately shows everything that users need to learn and make progress.

Pascal Favex, Head of Design BETC FullSix.

To transcribe all the emotions in the game, codes from gaming add celebration moments before, during and after the game. From starting match making, to sending reactions to your opponent during the game, to celebrating victory, signing moments are punctuation to further intensify the feeling.

Eight levels of games are available at Kasparov Chess. The player is assigned a color depending on his level and allows him to identify his “clan” members or challenge a higher level player. The interface is personalized as the player develops and adapts its colors to detect level change, which is a rare and compelling moment. To support players in their development, the platform provides new and high-quality content, designed by Vivendi, to enable learning and motivation with the largest international players.

New chess experience created by BETC FULLSIX

A team of six people from BETC FULLSIX has come together around this project to create the most conducive environment for the game and to imagine the best way to utilize content around chess culture. The interface contains more than 40,000 puzzles, 800 lessons, exclusive content and more than 50 future masterclasses. Kasparov said the development of chess was not complete and hoped to make revolutionary changes in the way chess was learned.

Our ambition is to share the passion for the game, to teach and inspire all players regardless of level. Through the experience of gaming and high quality content complementing each other, we want to show that there is a real chess culture.

Pascal Favex.

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