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Legalt ordered Minister Dube to shed light on the removal of the whistleblower

Legalt ordered Minister Dube to shed light on the removal of the whistleblower

Prime Minister, Franకోois Legalt, Ordered the Minister of Health to shed light on the events that led to the removal of whistleblower Mary-Anne Labelle. Living conditions she felt humiliated at CHSLD Saint-Laurent.

“This is a matter of concern,” the prime minister told a news conference in the National Assembly.

All parties stressed the importance of taking “measures” to “protect” health professionals from the “risk of retaliation”. They expose themselves by condemning “unacceptable circumstances”.

A few hours earlier on Tuesday, the minister in charge of seniors and caregivers, Marguerite Blaise, refused to defend service assistance, lifting the mask on a situation. It moved her. “We have to protect the whistleblowers, but first, we have to look at the person’s history,” she replied after being asked about Mr. Removal.To me Labeled by PQ member Lorraine Richard.

Mary-Anne Label, 24, Removed April 8 She then shared by CIUSSS du Nord-de-El-de-Montreal, specifically “for taking photos and videos of residents” Destiny. She assures him that she has spoken before about a situation that she considers unacceptable, with her immediate superior and the head nurse of the establishment, without success. One of her colleagues complained to the Office of the Complaints and Service Quality Commissioner of CIUSSS du Nord-de-El-de-Montreal.

In front of journalists, the prime minister said he had made health minister Christian Dube mandatory, thereby “conducting a full investigation to see what happened”.

Mr Dubey recalled that as chairman of the Treasury Board, he was involved in the affidavits that resulted from the Louis Robert affair in 2019, when an agronomist was fired after 32 years of service. Mr. Robert sent a confidential document to journalists condemning his involvement in private sector companies in public research on pesticide use.

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The ombudsman at the time, Mary Rinfret, identified A series of failures on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Which has not yet protected the whistleblower.

“I was involved in reuniting that person,” Minister Dubey said. In the case of OmTo me Label, so he wanted to make sure “policies were followed”. “I, in any case, have undertaken – I told the Prime Minister – to dig the file as thoroughly as we did during the farm file,” he assured. “Later [semaines], We have a clear idea of ​​what really happened. “

Le Devoir opened fire after the investigation

On the anonymous situation, M.To me CHSLD Saint-Laurent residents have been locked in their room for months and have been missing showers for weeks – as well as two former employees and three residents of the establishment. Margorite Blaise said she was moved by the affair, and She promised to go “to the bottom of things”.

However, in a study of allocations on Tuesday, the minister responsible for the seniors stressed the Quebec-led investigation into Mr.To me Label, and not on a condemned condition. “Right now, in the health and social services sector, we see this particular situation. And this is not my place, here for me, commenting on the same story,” she says.

As soon as the survey was published Mary-Anne Lebelle saw the change in her daily service assistant. Destiny CHSLD on the living conditions of Saint-Laurent residents. Her boss changed her duties and then met her twice to criticize her for overstepping her role. CIUSSS criticized her, among other things, because she was given the role of “COVID-19 agent (surveillance in infection prevention and control), this role was dedicated to someone other than you”, we read in his removal letter. “Your behavior is disobedient and creates an unhealthy work environment”, CIUSSS determines.

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One reason for the dismissal mentioned in the letter was specifically sending photos Destiny. Her employer alleges that she “violated the confidentiality of the information” she was committed to by her contract by taking photos and videos of vulnerable residents of 5.E Floor of CHSLD de Saint-Laurent and without their permission [en ayant] They shared their details with third parties ”.

“They came back for photos and videos. I think that was the big reason behind my dismissal. They mentioned it collectively Meeting. They said: “Just photos, it’s already enough to delete you.”To me Labeled at Destiny.

In the case of CIUSSS du Nord-de-El-de-Montreal, Mary-Anne Labelle was denied dismissal for publishing her testimony Destiny.

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