May 21, 2024

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When Anglade failed the nationalist test

When Anglade failed the nationalist test

For many months, Dominic Anglade wanted to revamp the PLQ as much as possible with a historic French-speaking majority. Common sense calculation: In the short term, if it wants to regain power it will have to find support there, but in the long run, there is banking on population change in Quebec to do without it.

Unfortunately, PLQ failed its first real test by abandoning the autonomous defense of the National Assembly. In the case of law 21. This is not to say that it refuses to defend “Quebec values”, the principle is very vague, but it does refuse to defend Quebec’s autonomy and the right to define its own integrated system.


By abandoning the use of the provision, Quebec seems to be forgetting that its policies can only be signed within the ideological parameters of a constitution, that it has not yet been signed, in addition to disposing of us, the only legal instrument for us to prevent it.

PLQ is loyal here for its performance, defending Canadian federalism in Quebec at all costs, despite the latter sacrificing its vital interests there.

The frightened conscience came to the defense of the head of the PLQ by legitimizing the argument of the “courts test”.

Let it be understood: there is no such thing as a so-called court test, neither near nor remote, because they allow themselves to be hypnotized by judges and to kneel mentally before they say it.


The courts in Canada are political. They are driven by an ideology. It is multicultural. Quebec laws are based on the criteria by which they are judged.

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Those who give us a lecture with a court examination should be aware of this fact. The question is not legal, it is political.

In this system, Quebec has only a residual position for the country.

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