May 19, 2024

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The undeniable political skill of Franకోois Legalt

The undeniable political skill of Franకోois Legalt

CAQ was born on February 21, 2011. The Coalition for the Future of Quebec is named after its two co-founders, Former PQ Minister Franకోois Legalt and former Liberal Recruiter Charles Sirois are thinking big. In context, it played out in their favor.

Since the 1995 referendum, the party’s Cubacois has visibly declined. Dressed with suspicion of corruption, the liberals of the shattered Jean Charest have reached their third term.

Nature hated emptiness, Messrs. Legalt and Sirois took advantage of this opportunity. Hence the primary goal of the CAQ: to eliminate PQ as a natural party to replace with PLQ.

In a hurry, Franకోois Legalt moves quickly. November 2011, CAQ becomes the official party. February 2012, she expects Mario Dumont’s ADQ. He himself left politics after his party fell in the 2008 election.

For CAQ, the stars align quickly. After 50 years of sovereign-federal struggles, Franకోois Legalt has shown himself to be a pacifist – a man of post-independence nationalism.

Facing PLQ he also presented the CAQ as a party of “integrity”. For the rest, a certain artistic ambiguity surrounds it. The whole thing will eventually lure growing voters for “change”.

The dream came true

Since the first election, in 2012, the CAQ has won 27% of the vote and restricted Pauline Morois’ PQ to a minority government. The warning is clear: there is fierce competition for PQ in the blue corner of the arena.

In the 2014 election, the CAQ fell 23%. However, he follows the destructive command of Philip Coillard. For Franయిois Legalt, the fruit is ripe. The 1Is October 2018, he will take office.

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At 17% of the vote, PQ is dying. So the goal of the CAQ was achieved. With Jackpot, Franకోois Legalt also had extra success: in 150 years PLQ would take its deadliest defeat.

Even in his wildest dreams, the CAQ leader did not believe that one day he would suppress the liberals at the same time as PQ. In the Quebec political landscape, it is an earthquake.

It was the result of the weakness of his PQ and Liberal rivals. There is also the skill of the “new” Franకోois Legalt on the clear stage with a significant proportion of French speakers. Including the sovereign nationalist turn of 2015 and the removal of the last ADQ’s “right” label.

Tin wedding

On the national question, it follows in its context since the ADQ has already proposed to break out of the “old debate” between secessionism and federalism. The “old debate” was closed and federalism alone could not escape.

Ten years after the formation of the CAQ, Franకోois Legalt is still in line with his constituents. Even Quebec’s poor record in the wake of the epidemic will not be scratched at all.

He also said he was ready to rule for a long time to come. Nothing is permanent. Quebec is not a one-party regime. However, it largely occupies the partisan rink.

Faced with growing trembling opponents, Prime Minister Legalt is unlikely to ever retire from politics.

Haven’t we talked about Tin’s wedding anniversary, describing the close relationship he can form with his members over the ten years of being married? Like CAQ, tin is actually a delicate metal, but solid, because it prevents corrosion …

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