June 16, 2024

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Thousands of new cases from Christmas in the Greater Quebec City area

Thousands of new cases from Christmas in the Greater Quebec City area

1940 new cases were reported over a period of 3 days on the north bank of the river. During the same period, 1,277 new cases were reported in the Chowder-Appalachians.

Cases found at home by individuals performing rapid antigenic testing were not included in this data.

Everything grows

The situation in hospitals is much worse. As of Tuesday, 39 people (9 more than the previous day) had joined Capitale-National due to the virus, including 7 in intensive care (1 more than the previous day).

In Chaudhary-Appalachians, 2 more people found themselves in the hospital within 24 hours, and a total of 36 people were admitted for COVID – as of December 28, including 7 beds occupied by intensive care.

Health workers need to be self-isolated to prevent the virus from spreading.

On December 23, 684 employees were absent in Rajdhani-National. 28, this number is 961.

In the Chowder-Appalachians, 277 health workers were on the sideline on December 23rd. Today, the latest report limits 408 employees.

This data includes employees with COVID and those who need to be self-isolated after exposure to the virus.

Tuesday The Integrated Health and Social Service Center De Chowder-Appalaches announced Kovid patients Transferred to Quebec. This condition will be included in the balance sheet dated December 29, which will be released on Thursday morning.

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