May 19, 2024

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Tramway: Jean-Franకోois Gosselin says he has “assurances” of government takeover

Tramway: Jean-Franకోois Gosselin says he has "assurances" of government takeover

Opposition leader Legalt welcomed the government’s takeover of the tramway project in Quebec City Hall, saying the victim, Regis Labyum, had no guilt, according to his own closure.

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“We have the mayor refusing to modify the project. The government has no choice but to withdraw his project and take control of it. […] It’s too big, what happened yesterday. You have to do it right. I’m sure I’ll see what happens, “said Jean-Franకోois Gosselin at a news conference Wednesday.

He was not concerned about potential state interference in municipal jurisdiction, saying he trusted the Legalt government, which would eventually demonstrate its own path.

“I want to give the runner a chance. We will wait to see what the government proposes. I think it’s the right attitude to be on file and when the government proposes its new path, its new project, will be happy to comment on it and tell you what I think about it. ”

“If I were the mayor of Quebec, we would not come to it, because I had the right attitude, because I would cooperate and show openness,” he said, criticizing the mayor and damaging his relationship with the government.

Earlier in the day, Mayor Regis Laboum said he had not yet received a clear proposal from the government for changes to the project. The entry made by the Quebec 21 jump leader.

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“We were deceived by the mayor”

“The mayor has been telling us for months that the file is developing well. With a smile on your lips, he convinced you that things were going well and things were progressing. And yesterday, we learned that this project did not come even a centimeter forward. The mayor was deceived. You were deceived by the mayor. Cheated, ”he complained.

Quebec 21 project

Although the CAQ has just taken the lead, Jean-Franకోois Gosselin is expected to submit his own public transportation project for the next election campaign. He was of the opinion that the government had not taken the rug out from under him. “It simply came to our notice then. I’m open, I want to cooperate, that’s my position. ”

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