May 23, 2024

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Tribute to Raymond Lowesque

Tribute to Raymond Lowesque

The death of the singer-songwriter behind the hymn “When men live in love”, Raymond Lowesque, evoked a wave of sympathy and love from many people who united their voices to pay tribute to him. Monday evening. Overview.

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My condolences to the family and loved ones of the great Cuban Raymond Lowesque, one of the most beautiful songs of all time, “Men Live in Love,” wrote the Prime Minister.

“He saw women and men living in love. Unfortunately not all of them, there are still a lot of hardships. He has not seen the country he dreamed of, but when the day comes it will sing to him. Quebec keeps part of this spirit that left us,” said the Black Cubacois leader.

“Proud man. Quebec is proud. His country is proud. His homeland. And longuil. His city. He dreamed of human beings living in love … Thank you Raymond Lowesque, ”said the former mayor of Longueil.

“I learned of the death of Raymond Lowesque, a great Quebec, singer-songwriter and poet, with Durorow Khan. It has forever recognized Quebec’s cultural heritage. I am heartfelt with his family, friends and family, ”said the chairman of the Treasury Board.

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“Raymond Lowesque (1928-2021) My brother, you will never die. You continue to live by your songs and your poetry. Thanks for the music. You are an adult. “Then I understood, Quebec is my country,” the PQ member wrote.

“Tonight, the words” When men live in love “resonate in many homes, when we learn of the death of Mr. Raymond Lowesque, who was committed to our proud Quebec culture! My condolences to the family and loved ones,” the Quebec Liberal Party leader commented.

“The pandemic is a monument, a great Quebec. Thank you Mr. Levesque for your invaluable contribution to Quebec’s cultural heritage. My deepest condolences to those close to them,” wrote the Chairman of the Board of the Place des Arts Foundation.

“Quebec mourns one of its greats. My condolences to the family and friends of Raymond Lowesque, whose brand is very much alive in Longyear. Mr. Lowesque is immortal as his hymn,” said an independent member for Mary-Victorine.

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“He moved us and made us live with the hope that men will always live in love. A great Montreal is dead. Rest in peace Mr. Lowesque. My condolences to the family and loved ones,” Montreal Myers responded.

“It is very sad news at times when we need more than ever to live in love. We are losing his Quebec lover, “said Roni Bar-On, a Member of the Knesset for Kadima.

It saddens me to learn of the death of Raymond Lowesque, the monument to the Quebec song. I had the good fortune to interview him a long time ago. Great simplicity is big. I extend my heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones, “said the Minister of Culture.

“Raymond Lowesque has passed away. The pioneer of the song, the pillar of Francophony. His work is huge, and although it is limited to his great masterpiece, it is already immense. When men live in love, there will be no more grief …” suggested the President of the National Assembly.

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“A big one goes out! Through his pen and his voice, Raymond Lowesque, the first recipient of the @ Quebecore Tribute Awards, is a pioneer of our culture. Condolences to his family, loved ones and the thousands of Cubans who lost the author of their hymn for love, ”recalled Cubacore President and CEO.

“I forgot in any case, but I remember being in the 1st year of the Conservatory, singing with Aquile Bonnie’s choir outside Quand Les Holmes Vivrant d’Amour. Testified.

“Raymond Lowesque is leaving us, but his hymn to peace will continue to awaken what is most beautiful in everyone’s heart,” the Federal Heritage Minister tweeted.

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