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Warda tells us about her extraordinary Big Brother celebrity vacation

Warda tells us about her extraordinary Big Brother celebrity vacation

The day after she volunteered, we had the opportunity to speak with the shining Warda Etienne this Monday Big Brother Celebrity.

It was everything we heard There is a confusion around this situation, Wanted to know how this kind of surrender on behalf of the participants is handled by the product.

First, I would like to point out Warda’s product Big Brother Sees celebrities with a bang. ” For 25 years on TV, I was not looked after so well by a production. The minute we asked they met our needs. They are very attentive to us. »

She describes how she decided to give up the adventure: “ Fall and winter were the hardest times for me and I didn’t want it to bother anyone. So I was allowed to have access to my psychiatrist. While in Big Brother, I had some discussions with him. For the past few weeks, I have felt that I am not in top form. So when I thought it was wrong and had to quit, I talked to my psychiatrist the same day. I took the time to reflect and in the evening, by confession, we talked to Jean-Martin [Bisson, le producteur au contenu] And when I told him about my desire to leave. »

It explains It’s.

Warda said there was no specific trigger that led her to make the decision to leave. ” In times of frustration, I need my bearings. […] My ex-husband, my children, my mother, my satchel girls; I have no access to them. Warda needs to be in his business. I could not find the support I needed inside the walls of Big Brother and playing psychologist was not the responsibility of the participants. »

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« It was an unexpected opportunity for me. I am so grateful. I was afraid the product would disappoint because it was the first edition and I was selected. It’s a gift. Do I deserve it? I’m not sure, but I said yes. When I pack my bags to enter the house, stay as long as possible and give the best performance possible. After all, it’s still a show. I was hired to do a show and I feel like I didn’t deliver the whole shipment and it frustrates me. »

Despite everything, the Warda family believed she would not be in the adventure any longer. ” My ex-husband said to me, “We thought you’d go out in two weeks.” I tightened 5! Everyone threw confetti. It’s Champagne Pop! […] My challenge is coming into the month of January, which has been very difficult for me since my diagnosis 35 years ago. I was able to go through it like a champion. Here is a great gift from Warda to Big Brother. I am very proud of myself. »

Warda believes Jean-Thomas Jabin has a good chance of being crowned the big winner Big Brother Celebrities, Kim Clavell is close. Besides, Warda The boxer said she was disappointed with the attitude. ” What do people risk from him The blame is that she is not united enough with the girls. For me, honestly, it hurts me, but I respect his decision, it’s still a game. »

Warda did well for his strength, courage and exciting journey!

Fans of Big Brother celebrities were disappointed with the latest turn of events

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