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Xbox Cloud Gaming for PC is on its way

Xbox Cloud Gaming for PC is on its way

If there’s one thing most Xbox fans have been waiting for, it’s bringing XCloud or bringing cloud gaming to PC as Microsoft calls it. This is a strange omission in the cloud gaming story so far, but it should change in the near future.

Last December, Microsoft announced that it would add iOS and PC to the x and cloud trial in the spring of 2021, and now we begin to see progress towards that goal.

For the past two weeks, Microsoft has been offering “cloud gaming” through its browser to a large number of Microsoft users. This is by far the largest group of cloud game beta testers to reflect service on PC and it is one of the last steps before making it available to the public in preview mode.

For those who are currently testing the service at Microsoft, they report that there are currently some bugs in the experience, but it should be reversed. Additionally, the streaming service only works with Chrome and Edge at this time, and Firefox and Safari users will need to change their browsing habits if they want to use the service.

I am not fully aware at the moment whether the standalone cloud gaming app will be available when this service first appears in public. Late last year, there was an app leak that allowed you to run xCloud on your computer, but that app experience may change in favor of a browser solution.

Microsoft can always choose to offer two solutions, all “app” may just be web coverage, but the bottom line is that cloud gaming on PC is evolving at a rate that will help Microsoft achieve its spring version goal. However, the service’s iOS replica does not appear to be in the testing stages as a PC, but this solution is a bit more complicated for Apple’s store policies.

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XCloud was first launched on Android and these users can stream games today. With billions of users on PC and iOS, allowing these platforms to stream games opens up the Xbox world to a larger gaming audience.

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