May 23, 2024

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The second voluntary departure of Big Brother celebrities

The second voluntary departure of Big Brother celebrities

This Sunday Big Brother Celebrity Promised us a reversal of the situation. Hosted by Mary-Claude Saward, wife of producer for reality TV content Heard about the coups among the candidates.

Lisander, who has been a patron for the week, decided not to use the veto she won. Thus, Emmanuel Agar and Warda Etienne are in danger. Now the latter has chosen to leave the adventure, and it is before the Elimination Ceremony.

The host is very honest about her fragile mind. We also felt she was very emotional From the events that cast her against Mary-Chantal Toupin. She was relieved and happy to be able to leave her home and finally see her children again.

Before leaving the adventure, Warda had heartfelt and touching words for Richardson and Maxim, two people who formed strong bonds with her in the adventure. There were tears in both eyes as she looked at the holiday.

In an interview with Mary-Maui when she left, Warda admitted that Franయిois Lambert was a creature inside the house. Hypocritical and Machiavellian She could not stand it.

As a result, Emmanuel Ager was safe for another week. Who do you think is the next candidate at risk?

Jean-Thomas Jabin is the new owner of the house after a terrible challenge to say the least.

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