April 16, 2024

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A woman’s motorcycle crashed into a 120-mile Mile Street race in Russia

A woman's motorcycle crashed into a 120-mile Mile Street race in Russia

A Russian biker is lucky to be alive after being crashed during a street race that topped 120 mph, video footage shows.

Hair-raising scenes, Published Sunday on Instagram.

The girl, known as Angelina, bails out the motorcycle before she crashes into the asphalt. As he composed himself after the shocking demolition, another person nearby asked if he was okay, video footage.

The woman surprisingly avoided breaking any bones during the accident, just walking away with scratches and bruises, The Sun reports.

“My body hurts,” Angelina tells the man. “Please, ambulance.”

“Calm down and breathe,” one witness responds. “Don’t move anything. Leave your helmet on. Don’t move, lie as you are. “

Woman Daredevil later claimed she had a “wobble” during a street race.

Angelina shows her injuries from the accident
Angelina shows her injuries from the accidentInstagram

“We’ve seen,” one replied. “Lie down there, don’t move.”

Angelina, who is in her 20s, later recalled the “horrific” accident in a post to her more than 30,000 Instagram followers, saying she felt she had overcome the odds by avoiding serious injury.

“There are no changes in the survivorship of this accident, but I am very fortunate,” Angelina wrote, referring to the injuries sustained on her back. “My bum is still … skin grazed.”

Angelina’s ride, starting at Ang 9,999, features a 636cc engine, “advanced electronics” and a lightweight chassis. According to Kawasaki’s website.

“The 636 is optimized for street and track, providing an exhilarating experience in a variety of riding conditions,” the website states.

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