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Education Network | 10 days leave as a gift, but only for executives

Education Network |  10 days leave as a gift, but only for executives

All executives of the school network received a gift from the Quebec Minister of Education: “to recognize their significant contribution in making it possible to ensure quality educational services for all Quebec students” 10 days holiday bank. The context of the epidemic.

Isabel Ataliota

Isabel Ataliota

The Minister of Education, Jean-Franకోois Roberz, by provision of the Ministry, will establish a temporary bank of compensatory leave, which may provide some relief to the school’s environmental supervisory staff, explaining a letter dated June 23rd. Tap Sent to the Ministry of Education, Director General of Labor Relations, Pascal Pauline, Director General of School Service Centers and School Boards.

Photo by Frederick Matte, archiving the sun

Jean-Franకోois Roberz, Minister of Education

The letter explains that this measure compensates for “additional pressures and overburden on management staff”. This applies to “any person holding an executive or senior executive position from March 13, 2020 to June 30, 2021”.

A mechanism is planned so that officers who quit their jobs can get cash on vacation not taken at the time of departure, equivalent to a maximum of five days ”.

School staff “forgot”

However, union employees in the education network are not entitled to the same leave, which has provoked outrage from the Central des Unique du Quebec (CSQ), which represents about 110,000 school staff.

“The minister’s decision unfortunately means that all school staff have worked hard over the past year, not counting the hours, from the teaching staff to the support staff and professionals,” lamented CSQ President Sonia Ethereum.

An executive from the school service center was also “scammed” by the statement.

“I think it’s rude that taxpayers who have all made significant efforts to overcome this epidemic will have to pay us 10 extra holidays next year,” the executive denied, asking not to divulge her name, for fear of retaliation from him. Employer and associates.

Our appeals to the Ministry of Education to try to find out the reasons for this decision were not answered.

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