May 19, 2024

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Official languages ​​| Minister welcomed Jolie’s roadmap

Official languages ​​|  Minister welcomed Jolie’s roadmap

(Ottawa) The roadmap proposed by official languages ​​Minister Melanie Jolie to strengthen the French language in Quebec and across the country was backed on Friday by Canada, the Commissioner’s Francophone and Accordion Community Association (FCFA). Official languages, such as Raymond Theberg and the Quebec Employers’ Council.

Joel-Denis BellavensJoel-Denis Bellavens

“The federal government has not yet gone so far as to defend the French,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau argued on Friday, adding that the FCFA, the official languages ​​commissioner and opposition parties now believe we should give life with the proposed package of actions. Tabling the bill to modernize Official Languages ​​Act.

Among the actions taken by V, M.To me Jolie wants to give better access to French immersion classes, guarantee the right to work in French in the federal jurisdictions of Quebec and in the high-density Francophone regions of the country, and to make the appointment of bilingual judges mandatory. Office of the Supreme Court of Canada. The Minister seeks to incorporate the program of court challenges into the law and to grant powers to the Commissioner of Powers.

Positive reception

“I am happy to note that the principle of equality of French and English is a key element that guides the government in its comprehensive consideration. Official Languages ​​Act. […] The federal government has a unique opportunity to make this law absolutely modern and in line with our new reality. As this document is promising, I urge the government to walk into this discussion and table the bill as soon as possible, ”Commissioner Raymond Theberg said in a press release.

The FCFA was “very satisfied” with the reform project, which was unveiled on Friday, and its president, Jean – Johnson, said in the document that he “believes there are measures that can have a transformative impact on the country and on it.”

Concile du Patron du Quebec sees Ottawa’s desire to strengthen its French presence across the country, and especially in Quebec, “with a positive eye”. According to the agency, the Trudeau government recognized that “the security and power of the French needed a special approach.”

“Beautiful promises”, determine the opposition

If he thinks some of the proposed measures are “admirable”, Conservative Deputy Alain Reyes has criticized Minister Jolie, saying any reform “is still moving forward” because it would take several weeks to draft the bill.

“Despite great promises, it is only committed to investing in reducing waiting lists for French immersion courses for English-speaking students. It is not proposing anything new to support Francophone educational institutions in troubled minority communities. […] The Liberals continue to ignore the request of the Legal government and all members of the Quebec National Assembly to protect the French in Quebec by applying Bill 101 to federal chartered companies, ”he said.

Alexander Bouleriz, deputy leader of the New Democratic Party, was similarly critical. “This is a great effort, presented to us by Minister Jolie, but precisely, it is windy. It is only a communication tool used to restore some credibility to this government when it comes to protecting the French.”

Black Cubacois condemned the refusal to apply Bill 101 to businesses under federal jurisdiction.

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